We’re going to talk a bit about Tactical PVC patches.

We sell to lots of different “Groups” at the minute. Airsoft, paintball, EDC (Everyday Carry), collectors and even into a few of the UK Tactical Police units.

The custom PVC patches that we sell are usually a team, site or unit logo. Whether it’s an Airsoft Patch, Paintball patch or even a Unit patch. These are worn to identify fellow members or teammates.

Along with many airsoft and paintball sites, we supply our own local airsoft site http://www.manxairsoftclub.co.uk with personalised patches of new designs every year.

The Tactical part of the patches only really tends to come into play when the group go off to away days. They’re a unit and can be identified by the PVC patch that they’re all wearing. If they are playing at home, can it still be called a Tactical Patch? Probably, but it’s worn more as membership patch.

Manx airsoft member PVC morale patch
Manx Airsoft Club Member PVC patch 3D

Blood type PVC patches are most definitely tactical . Worn to show the wearers blood type and as a result are worn mainly by the military.

Blood type 3D pvc rubber badge patch
Blood type 3D PVC rubber patch

We supply PVC medic patches, which we would also consider to have a tactical use.

PVC Medic patch photo
PVC Medic Patch

We have loads of very different PVC patches for sale in our shop. Star Wars PVC patches, PVC name patches, funny patches…..loads!

We specialise in Custom PVC patches and would love to hear from you if you’ve ever considered getting some made. The minimum order is less than you’d think – only 10 (of the same design).

We can produce 3D PVC patches, 2D PVC patches, Glow in the dark patches. The possibilities are pretty endless. The only limitation is down to shading – it can’t be replicated.

Drop us a message – we don’t bite!

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